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Frames are individual HTML documents that are displayed together in one browser window. For example, you can place the menu bar in one frame and load the main contents of the page in another frame. Now if you add a new section to the web site, you need to modify only the frame containing the menu and the changes would be reflected on the whole site.


Once you have gone through the advantages and disadvantages of using Flash intros and have decided that the web site cannot do without one, you need to remember several important points when creating the intro. The points are concerned with providing a pleasant experience for the visitors like providing adequate navigation and handling the control of the intro in the visitor's hands.

Because Flash intros were a way for a beginner to prove his or her ability in implementing the latest technology several basic rules were not followed. Most of these points follow from simple common sense.


Flash has indeed caught on the web. It provides an easy way to put animated and interactive movies on web sites which would otherwise not have been possible. When Flash first made its impact on the web, it was put to two main uses - Animated banner advertisements and Flash intros. Web designers thought that Flash lent a professional look to their web sites - If a web site had Flash, it was like a feather in the web designers hat as it meant that the latest technologies were employed on the site.

Flash actually got the power of animation in the common man's hands, because it was so easy to create animation and develop interactivity. So we saw a profuse use of it in the form of Flash web site intros. I am sure that all web designers assuming they know a little Flash have developed a web site intro one time or the other in their careers.

Though Flash movies are still used a lot as ad banners because they have much higher click-thru rates than static gifs, their usage as web site intros has decreased and I am sure you would have noticed it too. Why has that happened? Well, there are several reasons and in this article I will discuss the merits of Flash web site intros - The advantages and disadvantages of using animated Flash movies as web site intros - which hopefully should point out the reasons.


Here are a few web banner tips that I would like to share with you all. To create a good banner you should always look at it from the perspective of the viewer. That said, let me detail the tips for web banners.

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