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You already know that Flash is a vector based graphic program. Storing graphical information as mathematical formulae results in small file size. Additionally, Flash allows the reuse of a graphic (and other objects) once it is converted into a symbol.

These two tools have simple functions.
The Hand tool  lets you pick the movie display window and place it at the desired location. It is specially helpful with movies whose dimensions are large and extend beyond the display area. In such cases, scroll bar usage can be quite cumbersome and Hand tool is prefered.

You can zoom in and out using the Magnifier tool. The shape of the mouse cursor changes depending upon the activated modifier.


The Dropper tool in Flash  is somewhat different from those found in standard graphics software. In other software, the dropper is employed to pick a color from an image, however, in Flash the dropper tool not only picks up the color but also the properties of a fill or line.

Note that the Dropper has no modifiers. When you click on an outline with the dropper tool, the properties of the line such as color, thickness and style are picked up and Flash then activates the Ink Bottle since it understands that you would now be using this tool.

Similarly, if you click on an objects' fill with the dropper, Flash activates the Paint Bottle with the same properties as those if the object fill.


Since the introduction of Flash MX and Flash Player 6, multimedia developers have been able to embed video within SWF files by importing video and placing it on the Timeline in the Flash authoring tool. When the SWF file is published, the video is fully contained in that file. This approach requires only a normal web server to deliver the video.

However, embedded video is recommended only when you want visitors who have Flash Player 5 or lower to be able to view your video, or when you must have one single file that encapsulates the video and the Flash content, or when your video clip is under five seconds long. In all other cases, embedded video is not recommended.


In addition to its main use, generating multimedia content, Flash provides a good interface for creating graphics from stratch. Graphics created in Flash can be saved in gif, jpg, png or other formats. Its vector capabilities allow for easy scaling without loss in quality or detail. With a bit of creativity you can easily make cartoons or other clipart... the swami and the apple below, took less than 5 minutes !


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