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In addition to its main use, generating multimedia content, Flash provides a good interface for creating graphics from stratch. Graphics created in Flash can be saved in gif, jpg, png or other formats. Its vector capabilities allow for easy scaling without loss in quality or detail. With a bit of creativity you can easily make cartoons or other clipart... the swami and the apple below, took less than 5 minutes !

There are five drawing tools in Flash, the rest are used to modify various aspects of the drawing. The drawing tools are found in Drawing Toolbar, which should be docked at the left side of the screen when you first start Flash. If you don't have this toolbar open, click on Window - Toolbar..., check the box in front of Drawing and click OK.

Flash drawing tools

- Line Tool

- Oval Tool

- Rectangular Tool

- Pencil Tool

- Text Tool

Flash also has two tools for selecting objects: the Arrow tool  and the Lasso Tool . If you are familiar with graphic software, you should have no problems in guessing the function of these tools. However, in Flash, their usefulness has been increased by modifiers.
You can select an object with the arrow tool by either clicking on it directly or dragging a rectangular shape around the object with the left-mouse button pressed. The Lasso tool on the other hand provides a much more free form for selection. It is generally used to select irregularly shaped objects.


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